Doccept – What it delivers ?

  • Robust document management with version control
  • Efficient work flow engine, automating document flow between users
  • Facilitates easy document search within the Solution
  • Notifications & alerts to users for task completion
  • Maintains Audit Trails for organization’s compliance
  • Document transfer from Mail clients to Application
  • Accessible over Intranet & Internet
  • Supports all popular browsers
  • Mobile ready
  • Being a web enabled application, Doccept is a platform independent solution
  • Has a low startup & maintenance cost, fitting within most budgets


  • Efficient process of dissemination of information across the organization
  • Repository of digitized assets: better intellectual capital within the organization!
  • Savings of cost, time and effort
  • Improved regulatory compliance and internal operations
  • Inspection and audit ready!
  • Reduced storage needs
  • Improved disaster recovery

General Features

  • Unlimited documents, folders, workflows, document metadata properties, document types, roles, groups and users providing space for ample storage and collaboration
  • Jasper Reports for Reporting
  • JPBM for Visual Workflow Development with programmable section for complex features
  • User can manage their configuration settings (password, mail, mail account)
  • Configurable mail notification messages
  • Complete user log audit trace (transactions made by a user are logged by Doccept and stored in its database)
  • TWAIN compliant scanner integration
  • User quota restrictions based on user types
  • Messaging (subscriptions / send messages to users)
  • Import and export document repository
  • Notify users when uploading a document